Merchant Solutions

Credit/Debit Card Processing Services

Whether you are opening a new store, starting a website, need to process cards remotely, or just need a better credit/debit card processing rate for your existing business, Progressive Payments Advisors has card solution(s) to fit every customer’s need:

Point of Sale

The card is swiped on location using a card terminal or Point of Sale System


Cards are processed online using the internet through a shopping cart


(Mail Order/Telephone Order) Merchant manually key-enters cardholder information into card terminal or virtual POS.


Card sales are processed using a wireless card terminal using cellular technology

Credit Card Terminals

Progressive Payments Advisors offers best-in-class card processing hardware and software solutions

Gift/Loyalty Cards Programs

We offer customized gift and loyalty card programs

Gift and Loyalty Card programs are a great way to market your business and build customer traffic and loyalty. All gift/loyalty card programs are 100% customized with your logo, colors and design. Our solution gives our customers the ability to run programs similar to those of larger businesses. Your business will be able to track the balances and spending habits of your customers.

We will also provide options for setting up custom Loyalty Card Programs for customers to earn points for their loyalty that can be redeemed for purchase discounts or gift cards.

Contact us to learn how our Cash Advance program works.